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Science and Technology in the Edgar Cayce Readings

Atlantis Power Station Illustration by David McMiilian
David McMillian
David McMillian

The January / February 2007 issue of Venture Inward featured the article: The Renaissance of Atlantean Science by David McMillian.
This web page contains lists of resources for those individuals who wish to learn more about science and technology in the Edgar Cayce readings.

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The Perpetual Motion Motor

Edgar Cayce gave numerous readings for a "motor" indexed as a "perpetual motion machine." The initial series of readings [4665] were given for Mr. [4666] during the 1920s:

Tim Brown [195] became involved with the project and requested information on the device as part of his series of readings, as follows:

Two additional readings mention "perpetual motion:"

Medical Technology

Described in one reading as a radionics device, the "radio-active appliance" was prescribed by Edgar Cayce in readings primarily as a preventative treatment that equalizes the system. The wet cell battery is another subtle energy device recommended in the readings for more serious conditions requiring a curative intervention. The group of readings that mention these appliances is too extensive for listing here (numbering nearly two thousand); however, the following articles will provide the reader with an overview of the devices and research that has been conducted on their use.

Theoretical Physics

Here are a couple of articles from the A.R.E. Journal that discuss relevant theoretical physics topics discussed in the readings:


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